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About Us


We understand that getting rid of large quantities of furniture can be difficult and frustrating when completing a hotel remodel, upgrade or demolition.

Giant Hotel Liquidators works hard to perfect the liquidation of furniture from hotels, motels, dorms, households, restaurants and more. We specialize in the purchase and removal of all furnishings from both large and small hotels and motels. We are able to service complete or partial guest room liquidation, small or large projects, 10 to hundreds of rooms.    

We specialize in removing furnishings quickly along with excellent customer service.

Contact us for a prompt and quick response that will provide you with an estimate for purchasing and removal of your hotel furnishings and equipment. We will provide you with the best service to complete your liquidation within your required time schedule.

We also take pride in our retail warehouse where we sell our liquidated furniture directly to the public. Because we acquire large quantities of quality hotel and motel furniture, we are able to pass along excellent pricing to our customers. We constantly receive great responses from our customers regarding the quality furniture, selection and excellent prices.

​Email or call to discuss your needs for your furniture liquidation.


​(832) 271-7139

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